Nitrox Diver
The course that will allows you to stay more time in water.
Night Diver
Necessary course to allows you for night divings.
Deep Diver
This specialty authorizes you to descend to 40 meters.
Dry Suit Diver
The course to be able to dive all year without cold.
Peak Performance Buoyancy
Improves your buoyancy and equipment control under water
Underwater Navigation
The course where you will learn to orientate uder water.
AWARE Fish Identification
Learn about the sealife of our zone.
Wreck Diver
The course that teaches you the techniques and the dangers of diving in wreck divings
Search and Recovery Diver
We will teach you how to find objects under water.
Fotografia subcuática
PADI specialty of underwater photography
Multi Level Diver
We show you how to be more efficient in the planning and realization of your dives
Sidemount Diver
A totally different way of diving
Emergency Oxygen Provider
It authorizes you to manage disbaric accidents that need the administration of oxygen
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