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Enriched Air Diver NITROX

For some years, it has been  increased of Nitrox (or enriched air) in most diving centers due to the benefits of this, allowing you to exceed some limits found when using air and increase your safety and comfort.

How to obtain a Nitrox certification?

It is a course do it in one or two days and includes a theoretical part about the advantages of Nitrox, the particular considerations that should be taken for this kind of immersion and the planning of an enriched air dive.

The practical module includes checking the percentage of oxygen, marking the bottles and 2 dives with Nitrox to check the satisfactions of this type of immersion.

The Nitrox certification, in particular the advanced Nitrox, will open the doors to TEC diving if you wish, allowing you to access TEC and Trimix certification levels.

Do not dubt and take full advantage of the benefits of Nitrox.

The course includes

  • Padi Enriched Air Kit (Manual).

  • Complete diving equipment Cressi

  • Padi Nitrox certification at the end of the course.

Not included

  • Dive insurance

Price: € 180
Especialidad PADI NITROX
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