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Sidemount Diver

Discover a new and different way to set up your bottles with the PADI side-mount dive course 



The side mount dive offers:

  • An alternative way to achieve a hydrodynamic position in the water

  • Easier to transport the equipment out of the water

  • Less tension in the lower back

  • Offers a redundant source of gas

  • Higher gas supply for longer dives

Move the bottle from the back to the side instantly eliminate the pressure on your back and you gonna have more flexibility to move and enjoy the dive. Also, you won't have to walk to the dive site with the bottle on your back. 


The course includes:
  • Theoretical session.

  • Practical application of equipment configuration.

  • 1 dive in confined waters.

  • 3 dives in open water.



Not included:


  • Dive insurance


Price: 300€
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