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With the PADI Emergency Oxigen Provider course you will be ready to help another divers. You will know everything you need to know to recognize diseases that can be treated with emergency oxygen, and you will be the best prepared mate, especially in times of need.


Although it is adapted to divers, this course has no prerequisites and does not include dives, which means that it can be applied equally to all those around the divers: boat crew, non-diving partners, lifeguards and shore personnel. You do not need any previous CPR or first aid training to complete this course.

You will learn how:


  • Recognize diving diseases that can be treated with emergency oxygen.

  • Prepare the equipment properly.

  • Administer emergency oxygen.



The course includes:

  • Manual and PADI Emergency Oxigen Provider guide plate.

  • Theoretical session.

  • Practices.

  • PADI Emergency Oxigen Provider Certification

Price: €100
Especialidad PADI administracion oxigeno
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