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Padi Advanced Open Water Diver 

n this course you will improve the techniques you have learned in the Open Water Diver course while experiencing new sensations. This course is designed to learn the techniques that will make you a truly autonomous diver. Once certified, you can dive to a depth of 30 meters without the supervision of an instructor; you will not miss any immersions! It will also give you access to the realization of courses of more specialties.


The knowledge and techniques you will acquire in the Advanced Open Water Diver course vary according to the interest you have and the adventures you live, but include:


  • Practical aspects and physiological effects of deep diving

  • More ways to use your underwater compass.

  • How to navigate using fin strokes, visual references and time.

  • Practice and improve diving techniques so that you feel safe and enjoy even more underwater.

  • How to best use your dive computer and the Electronic Recreational Diving PlannerTM (ePIRTM).

Course content:


  • Development of knowledge: 1 theory class.

  • 2 Mandatory immersions: Deep dive and underwater navigation.

  • 3 Optional adventure dives (we recommend nitrox, night and buoyancy).

The course does not certify you as a diver with 5 specialties. To qualify for a specialty you must take a specific course of that specialty, which consists of a more extensive theoretical part, and several practice dives. If you want to have a specialization with us, you will have the first practice done!


If you are interested in graduating from any specialty, we offer you these SPECIALTIES

We also have ADVANCE OPEN WATER courses with a specialty degree.


The course includes:


  • Padi Kit more complete Advanced Open Water Diver Crewpak (Manual, DVD, marking buoy, whistle, Clapboard, Padi sticker, case).

  • Full equipment rental Cressi

  • Processing of title of PADI

You need:


  • Open Water Diving qualification or equivalent

  • Dive insurance

  • If it is your first course with us, you must bring a hyperbaric medical certificate that indicates "suitable for diving". We can put at your disposal health personnel who travel to the diving center.


Price: € 320

If you do not have transportation, tell us and we will provide it.
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