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Padi Rescue Diver

Make a difference and get ready to help others.

In this course you will learn to prevent, detect and solve the risks involved in the practice of recreational diving. With the techniques that we teach you, you will be able to prevent possible accidents through the observation of other divers.

The fun part of this course is growing up to the challenges and dominate them. Most divers believe that this course is demanding and rewarding, and in the end they say it is the best course they have ever done.

What will you learn?


  • Self rescue


  • Recognize and manage the stress of other divers.

  • Team and emergency management.

  • Rescue of divers in panic.

  • Rescue of unconscious divers.


Course content:


  • Knowledge development: 1 theory class

  • Training in confined and open waters (2 beaches + 2 boats)

  • Rescue drills

  • Development of an emergency plan for a diving site

  • The course includes

  • Kit Pad Rescue Diver Crewpak (Manual, DVD, pocket mask, accident plate, case).

  • Full equipment rental Cressi 

  • Processing of the PADI RESCUE title


You need:


  • AOWD qualification or equivalent

  • Dive insurance (if you do not have it, we will FACILITATE)

  • Have a First Aid degree in the last 2 years. (In the event that you do not have a First Aid degree, we can offer you the Emergency First Response course with a duration of 1 day at a price of 120€ and that also includes the student's manual and DVD.)


If it is your first course with us, you must bring a hyperbaric medical certificate that indicates "suitable for diving". We can put at your disposal health personnel who travels to the diving center to perform the certificate on site.


Price: € 320

If you do not have transportation, tell us and we will provide it.

Curso Rescue de PADI
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