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The PADI Project AWARE Fish Identification specialty course gives you the basics for fish identification.


You will discover that you enjoy more your dives recognizing the creatures you see. The fun part of this course is that you can use the skills learned in each dive beacuse when you learn the main fish families and their characteristics, it will help you to decipher the species you see around the world.


For example, a butterfly fish of the Caribbean has a similar shape to the butterflyfish of Southeast Asia, however the colors and markings can be very different. If you know which family the fish belongs to, it will be much easier to find your local name or at least to be able to inquire sensibly from the instructor in the area what you have seen. 


During two dives, you will gain fluency and experience in searching and identifying the fascinating fish you see underwater.

You'll learn:


  • How to identify the characteristics of the species and families of fish in the area.

  • Techniques and strategies for fish recognition.

  • How to practice the planning, organization and procedures of fish identification diving.


Price: 120€
Especialidad PADI Aware-Identificacion de peces
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