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This course allows you to dive in cooler waters, even under the ice, extending your diving season. Generally, in times of water at lower temperatures there is usually a better visibility and the are more sealife that in summer. As a dry suit diver, you are ready to dive in some of the most incredible dive sites in the world.


Do you have your own dry suit and do not know how to use it? Do you want to buy a dry suit but you are afraid to buy it and then not know how to use it? Would you like to rent it to dive under the ice or in cold water season? We teach you the basics of the use and care of dry suits.

You will acquire the knowledge and skills to dress safely, dive, remove and store the suit. You will know the different types of dry suits to choose yours being well informed.

With this course you will learn:

  • Buoyancy control techniques with dry suit.

  • Dry suit maintenance, storage and basic repairs.

  • Insulating underwear options (underwear of all types used under the dry suit).

The dry suit course consists of:

  • 1 Theoretical Class

  • 1 Practice from the beach

  • 1 Practice from boat


  • Be an Open Water PADI diver or equivalent

Price: € 180

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