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Discover Scuba Diving

Would you like to start in the world of diving but do not know how? The diving baptism allows you to discover the underwater world without any diving certification.

The baptism of diving is a unique experience: being able to breathe under water and feel part of the underwater world.


Oceanos offers 2 types of baptisms:


  • Beach Discover Scuba Diving

  • Boat Discover Scuba Diving


Beach Discover Scuba Diving

The beach baptism consists of a small explication about diving equipment and basic notions followed by a dive from the beach. The dive is done with an instructor for every two or three people in a cove on the Costa Brava, a quiet area with a lot of visibility and little depth  to get your first experience is the most pleasant.


          Duration: 2 hours

          Price: 65€ per person



Boat Discover Scuba Diving

The boat baptism also includes a small theoretical explanation but includes a practice dive in our pool to familiarize ourselves with the diving equipment and the environment before making our dive from a boat.


Immersion from a boat is also done with an instructor for every two or three people in a cove inaccessible by land of the Costa Brava. This allows us to enjoy much more of marine life, where sealife is in its wildest state, without the usual presence of people or boats, in an area sheltered from the waves and with a lot of visibility.


          Duration: 3-4 hours

          Price: 99€per person


If you want to go a little further and what you would like is to have a degree to be able to do dives anywhere in the world we propose the OPEN WATER DIVER COURSE


Do your diving courses whenever you want as we have total time availability, choose the day and time that suits you best from Monday to Sunday and we will do the rest.

If you do not have transportation from Barcelona, ​​contact us and we will provide it.

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